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Have you been looking for a reputable concrete foundations contractor in Springfield? Well, you are in the right place. Although there are countless concrete foundation contractors in Springfield, all of these experts aren’t created the same. There are numerous factors to consider before choosing the right contractor for your commercial or residential building work. Springfield Concrete Solutions is the best choice in Springfield when it comes to any commercial or residential foundation repair, installation, and maintenance requirements. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff such as the licensed structural engineers can fix most of your foundation problems promptly. Our professional team specializes in waterproofing foundations and repairing structural issues. Get in touch Springfield Concrete Solutions with today for all your commercial and residential foundation maintenance, installation, and repair needs in Springfield.

Quite frankly, the foundation is an integral part of any structure. It withstands the whole weight of the structure. The foundation levels and supports the whole structure including the walls, roof, floor, and other building parts. This is why you should go for an experienced and highly specialized foundation contractor to get a successful pour. That contractor must be well-informed about the required components of a foundation and understand the various types of foundations. Below are different kinds of foundations that our team deals with:

Concrete Slab Foundations. Generally, a slab foundation (better called a mono slab foundation) is basically a flat concrete slab that’s lying on the ground and is usually poured into one piece. Apart from being quicker to build, these foundations are also less costly. In most situations, the sewer and drainage lines are well-positioned before the pouring of concrete. In case you encounter plumbing issues after building the foundation, you’ll have to cut through it to access the plumbing lines. 

Crawlspace Stem Walls. They’re short foundation walls built on concrete footings. Stem walls are actually the foundations of properties with crawl spaces. It’s quite an elevated area underneath the property through which you can crawl. This space is useful for storing a furnace and any other equipment. 

Basement Foundations. Typically, a full basement foundation is approximately 8 ft deep to withstand an underground living space. We’ll position the structural walls on the concrete footing that surrounds the basement’s perimeter. The should be around 12 inches before the frost line and previously undisturbed soil. Our team will pour beams, build the foundation walls, and then pour the cement into the walls. Besides, a basement foundation offers additional living space for you and your family. They’re highly durable and will, therefore, resist fires and harsh weather conditions.

Pier and Beam Foundations. In case you stay in an area that’s regularly flooding and shifting, a pier and beam foundation would be the solution to this issue. The structure needs to be constructed in the right conditions. Because of this, a structural engineer should supervise the whole project. 

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Springfield Concrete Solutions has vast experience in building all kinds of foundations for your commercial and residential buildings. Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled in constructing the perfect foundation for your project. Contact Springfield Concrete Solutions right away for any of your commercial or residential foundation maintenance, installation, and repair needs in Springfield.

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